How to manage a patent portfolio

In today’s highly competitive business world, patents are essential to protect your company’s intellectual property and maintain a competitive advantage. However, managing a patent portfolio can be a complex and time-consuming process. Here are some tips on how to effectively manage your patent portfolio.

  • Conduct a patent audit

Before you can effectively manage your patent portfolio, you need to know what patents you own, their expiration dates, and the markets they cover. Conducting a patent audit can help you identify any gaps in your portfolio, opportunities for licensing or selling patents, and potential threats from competitors. You may want to work with a patent attorney or patent consultant to conduct the audit.

  • Prioritize your patents

Once you have a clear understanding of your patent portfolio, you need to prioritize your patents. Not all patents are equally important, so you need to focus your resources on the patents that are most critical to the products and services driving your business revenue. Factors to consider when prioritizing your patents include the market potential, the competitive landscape, and the likelihood of infringement.

  • Monitor your competitors

Monitoring your competitors’ patent activity is essential to managing your own patent portfolio. You need to be aware of what patents your competitors are filing, as well as any patents they may be infringing on. This can help you identify potential infringement claims and opportunities for licensing or cross-licensing.

  • Develop a patent strategy

A patent strategy should outline your company’s goals for its patent portfolio and how you plan to achieve them. This includes decisions on which patents to file, which patents to abandon, and how to enforce your patents. A patent strategy should also include a budget for patent-related expenses and a timeline for filing and prosecuting patents. Your budget should be commensurate with your revenues and grow linearly with revenues.

  • Use technology to manage your patent portfolio

Managing a patent portfolio can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have a large number of patents. Fortunately, there are several software tools available that can help you manage your patent portfolio more efficiently. These tools can help you track the status of your patents, monitor your competitors’ patent activity, and generate reports on your patent portfolio. Fortress IAM is an intangible asset management SaaS solution that is specifically designed for innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help manage IP assets, with a primary focus on patent portfolios. Fortress IAM enables SMEs to work more effectively with outside patent counsel and access your patents and reports in real-time.


In conclusion, managing a patent portfolio can be a complex process, but it is essential to protecting your company’s intellectual property and maintaining a competitive advantage. By conducting a patent audit, prioritizing your patents, monitoring your competitors, developing a patent strategy, and using technology to manage your portfolio, you can effectively manage your patent portfolio and achieve your business goals.