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Fortress IAM™ helps companies grow and achieve higher valuations

Fortress IAM™ is a secure Intangibles Asset Management (IAM) system where innovative small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can easily, affordably and intelligently manage and track ideas, IP, contracts, and business data, to grow faster and achieve higher valuations. Built-in organization, templates and legal guidance saves time, money and frustration.

Companies can use Fortress IAM™ as a data room for due diligence and can collaborate effectively with their legal advisors and funders, giving them better line of sight so they can provide the right help at the right time.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, Fortress IAM™ is for YOU

  1. Is your company filing for patents or trademarks, or considering it?
  2. Does your company need to protect confidential information or trade secrets?
  3. Do you manage different types of contracts (e.g., customer, employee, NDA)?
  4. Do you engage with lawyers who send you important information?
  5. Are you receiving or applying for government funding?
  6. Do you want to attract investors or partners to grow?

It is critical that companies manage their intangible assets effectively because there is no room for error in today’s competitive global marketplace. Mistakes and oversights are not only costly to fix, they can negatively impact your company’s ability to attract investment, close deals and maximize valuation.

IP Management STANDARDS ARE COMING and Fortress IAM™ ensures compliance


These standards will find themselves in due diligence questionnaires. Are you ready?

Here are some typical questions:

  1. Does the Company own, or license, all of the IP that is required for its current or anticipated business?
  2. Are you aware of any vulnerabilities in the Company’s IP or any licensed IP due to changes in law or regulations?
  3. Are you aware of any patents or other IP owned by a third party that the Company’s products or planned products infringe or may infringe upon?
  4. Does the Company or its patent counsel routinely conduct any freedom to operate searches or analyses?
  5. To what extent is litigation prevalent within the industry or involving similar product lines?
  6. Are adequate procedures in places for protecting confidential information from disclosure?
  7. Are appropriate non-compete obligations in place with respect to any party who has access to the Company’s patented or proprietary technology, including in-licensed technology or patents?
  8. Are there any other issues with respect to the Company’s IP or commercial relationships that have not been discussed that may have a material impact on the Company or its business?

Fortress IAM™ helps level the playing field

There is a massive technology gap in the management of intangibles. Large companies have access to specialized tools and in-house experts that are out of reach for SMEs. They are leveraging more forms of IP to protect themselves, and they are dominating the market.

SMEs are left using the tools that are accessible to them: Dropbox, GoogleShare, Slack, MS Excel etc. Each is limited in functionality and therefore information is scattered across multiple tools with insufficient integration between them. This leads to disorganization, risk and missed opportunity.

Fortress IAM™ is the first Intangibles Asset Management (IAM) system built for innovative SMEs.

We combine key elements of secure storage and collaboration, IP asset management, contract management and a virtual data room in one easy to use and affordable platform.

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