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Intangible Asset Management (IAM) System

Easily and effectively manage intellectual property, contracts, and data to unlock their value and drive growth for your business.

Fortress IAM™ helps companies extract more value from their intangibles

Fortress IAM™ is a secure Intangible Asset Management (IAM) system where innovative SMEs can effectively manage their intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, contracts and data, which account for over 90% of company value today.

Built-in organization and guidance reduces time, cost, risk, and frustration. Companies gain real-time insights from their data, which is always accessible rather than sitting with external advisors.

Collaboration with lawyers and advisors inside the platform streamlines IP and contract negotiation processes and reduces email traffic. Information is organized like a data room so companies are always prepared for due diligence rather than scrambling to find documents.


Gain confidence knowing your most valuable assets are centralized, organized and secure.


Effectively manage your intangibles and navigate complex deadline-driven processes with ease.


Collaborate with your advisors inside the platform to stay organized and avoid email overwhelm.


Access your information anytime and generate on-demand reports for real-time business insights.


 Get deals done faster and achieve higher valuations with an organized transaction-ready data room. 

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